Makit&Bakit™ Tips

Makit&Bakit™ kits are lots of fun for the whole family! Using these tips can help your project shine.

  • Make sure you are working in a well-ventilated room! While our crystals are completely non-toxic, the smell can be unpleasant for some.
  • Use tweezers to place crystals in the corners and smaller spaces in the frame.
  • Fill the spaces in the frame with as many crystals as possible. The crystals will flatten out considerably during the baking process.
  • Check the frame during the baking process. If there are any gaps, an adult can remove the baking sheet from the oven and use tweezers to add more crystals to the frame.* This will lengthen the recommended baking time.
  • Opaque crystals (black, white and peach) take longer to melt than transparent colors.

*There is a risk of burning yourself when adding crystals during the baking process. Every precaution should be taken not to touch the hot pan, frame or melted crystals with bare skin.